Our Incredible Worth!


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Our Incredible Worth ~ Psalm 139

     Who among us has never gone through a period of our lives when we felt worthless? Maybe we were treated harshly by another person, or abandoned by a loved one, or perhaps we were deceived into believing the lies of this world and the enemy of our soul. Humans can be very cruel to one another, and for reasons I will never fully understand, these are the things that seem to define who we become and our worth to others.  People tend to judge another’s value based upon things like their job performance, wealth, fame, cars, houses, jewels, and physical appearance. For centuries now the world has rapidly headed in the direction of placing a higher value on things, rather than on the incredible worth and potential that God sees in human beings. 

From the moment of conception in the womb, until the very last breath we take on this earth, we are the apple of our Father’s eye and the only thing that really matters to Him. We are made in His image, we are the chief desire of His heart, we were thought of by Him before He even created the world, and our lives and times were designed and planned by Him.

We are so valuable to God that all the wealth of the world, in all of time’s existence, does not matter to Him, because we are His greatest treasure. Whatever we have done in the past, the many times we have failed Him or whatever our position in the world, it doesn’t mean anything to Him. He loves us profoundly and wants to give us all the blessings of His kingdom now, and bring us to live with Him forever after our time on earth is done. His desire is for us to recognize Him as our Father in Heaven and the giver of eternal life to all who want it. He delights in us and desires to help us become more like His Son Jesus. He wants to help us get rid of all the sin and pride in our lives, because He knows that “self” is our worst enemy, and it deprives us of our great inheritance in Christ

When I meditate on how much Jesus loves people, I feel not only grateful, but am still amazed to realize that my powerful Creator willingly left the perfection of Heaven to become a man and live on earth with people like me who would one day reject Him and crucify Him on a cross. He did this because of our great value to Him and His desire to save us from our sins. The worth of the human soul can only be valued by the light reflected from His sacrifice on the cross. Everything in existence pales in comparison with knowing this great love of God!

I found this poem a long time ago and have always loved the way the writer describes the vast love of God for people.

253.6  ”Could we with ink the ocean fill,
Were every blade of grass a quill,
Were the world of parchment made,
And every man a scribe by trade,
To write the love of God above
Would drain the ocean dry;
Nor would the scroll contain the whole,
Though stretched from sky to sky.”[1]

     God Almighty has a purpose and a plan for every person He has ever created. Our value to Him is incalculable, and the value He places on us should be applied to all people. As Christians we need to stand for up for the Biblical truths of the value of life including those who are deemed worthless to this world. Let us be clear in our declaration of the value of those who are unwanted, unprotected, weak, elderly, afflicted and unborn.

[1] A Treasury of Jewish Quotations 1996   Joseph L. Baron – Meir Ben Isaac  Nehorai  Akdamut c. 1060.



5 thoughts on “Our Incredible Worth!

  1. “The worth of the human soul can only be valued by the light reflected from His sacrifice on the cross”.
    That part really got to me because so often I think…how could He love someone like me, a person who falters and sins, sometimes on a daily basis. But through His great love for us, His sacrifice, He proves over and over our great worth to Him…such great worth that He went to the cross and endured all that pain and suffering just because of His love for us!


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