Water Trees


2010-11-13 05.37.11

 The Colonial Parkway is one of the most scenic drives in the state of Virginia, and this 23 mile long stretch of road connects the York River in Yorktown, to the James River at Jamestown, with Colonial Williamsburg in between the two of them. All three are called America’s Historic Triangle, and it is a drive that I  often made to shoot  photographs. This photo is a personal favorite of mine that I call the “water tree.”

The Prophet Jeremiah tells us in the seventeenth chapter, that a man is blessed when he puts his hope and his trust in the Lord. “Blessed” is a wonderful word that God uses frequently throughout the entire Bible. It comes from the Greek word “Makarios,” which means happy in the security of knowing that God extends His provision and benefits to all who believe in Him! He compares the man to a tree that is planted by the waters, and has spread its roots out by the river, and He assures us that we will not fear when the heat comes.

      I love the imagery in these verses, because there are many seasons of our life when our soul truly feels like it has dried up from all the intense heat of this corrupt world system we are living in. It is all designed by the enemy of our souls to suck us dry, and leave us in a state of drought. The Lord continues in verses 7 and 8 to tell us that if we send our roots towards the water, we will not fear when, (not “if”), the heat comes. We will always have green leaves and won’t be anxious in the times of drought, but instead we will always produce fruit!

     All of these provisions and promises come from God, who is teaching us through this scripture, that we don’t have to do a thing, except place our trust and our hope in Him. He is the one who loves us and gives His Spirit, our living water. He is the one who brings the necessary nutrition to us through the word of God and through our specialized root system. He gives us the necessary oxygen we need so we don’t become rotted through all the filth of this world. He is also the one who will keep our leaves green and nutritious, so we can bear fruit in every season, and just as this tree, He will keep us until that day when our life is completed on this earth. All of this is the work of God, and He who began a good work in us, will carry it on until the day of completion. We must do our part though and keep ourselves connected to the things He has provided to us for survival in this world.


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