The Sweetest Words!


I have decided after speaking with some other folks who have published their writing that I am going to be using condensed versions of the devotions I have written in the past, with different photos as well. Two reasons for doing this are: 1) I don’t want the original documents to be all over the world before copyrights and all that legal stuff, and 2) I need to find a way to write via blog that will be different than a possible book in the future. It all depends on who thinks that it is worth it to read what I write, but mostly it depends on what the Lord wants to do with it and who it might help if they can relate to all that I pour into this. So here we go with a test run for tonight…different photo and shorter devotion…My hope and prayer is it still speaks to your hearts!

Love and blessings to all, Linda


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Throughout the Bible, you will find references to bees and to honey. In Biblical times, honey was a delicacy known for its sweetness and prized for its medicinal qualities. It acts as an antimicrobial agent, and is primarily deadly to pathogenic microorganisms. Honey was given as gifts, it was a symbol of abundance, and was used in the description for the “promised land.”  

     The honeybee is a social insect that lives in colonies; therefore bees have developed a complex communication system to signal to one another where the best food sources are located. The bees are precise and reliable messengers to the other members of the hive. Specific flowers provide a continuous supply of nectar, and bees execute precise movements to tell one other where to go and find the source of the food. These different movements that bees perform are called “waggle dances,” and together with the sun to navigate, they move in circles and figure eight patterns to share information with one another.

      I remember watching honeybees one day as they visited one flower after another in my garden,  very intent on gathering as much nectar as possible to bring back to their hive.  It seemed as though they were on a mission, with a plan that was derived from the mind of their Creator. It is in the process of gathering nectar that bees pollinate fruits and vegetables. By transferring pollen grains from one flower to another, bees are critical to our planet’s food supply! The process of bees making honey is also an illustration of God’s word, and how it can be applied to our lives.

      The bees working that morning reminded me of a devotion I had read on Psalm 119, verse 103 (which by the way is the longest Psalm, and is like reading a “Bible” within the Bible). God’s word is life to my spirit, in the same way that the nectar of the flowers is life to the bees. If I do not sit down every morning and have God’s word for my meal, I am unable to communicate spiritually in this world, or manufacture any fruit for the Lord, not to mention it makes the day very stressful! 

     The more I read God’s word, the more I understand it, and the more I appreciate His creation and understand myself. The “sweetness” of God’s word can remove the bitter and acrid-tasting effects of sin and give us the nutrition we need to grow in the love and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Word of God is our direct connection to our Creator, it is the food that gives us wisdom and discernment,  it helps keep us in line with God and on the right path, and like the medicinal qualities of honey, it is our preventative medicine that keeps us from sin. If you forget to eat the sweet words of God daily, your spiritual life will become very dried up and unproductive, and you will have nothing to give to others in the way of wisdom. Next time you are near a farmer’s market, pick up some local raw honey and sit down with your Bible and let God infuse you with His sweet words!




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