My Salvation Story!


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 To Soar on wings of Eagles ~My Spiritual Birthday~ Isaiah 40


     I love to share with others how Jesus Christ changed my life 25 years ago when my marriage was on the verge of divorce. I was a young mother with two young sons under the age of five, and I loved my husband dearly, despite the fact that he was rapidly changing because of addiction to alcohol.  


     Inside my heart, I had become a very angry and stressed out person, and was filled with hatred and unforgiveness. In my conscience, I knew that my behavior was very sinful, and I wanted to change it, but I didn’t know how. So I began searching for God, and thought I had found Him at one point, when I became involved with a group of people who practiced New Age spirituality.


     As my husband’s addiction worsened, I sought out counseling with a woman that others had spoken highly of, and who called herself a Christian. She was a very kind and caring person, and she never charged me money for her counsel. We would meet in her home, and she always had a Bible on the table where we would sit, so I thought she had to be a Christian, because she was so loving and non-judgmental. Her compassion and concern for me began to stir up a desire to attain those same characteristics in my own life.


     I was an open and very vulnerable woman at that point in my life, which was just looking 

for something, or anything, that would replace all the pain I was feeling inside. I truly wanted to know God, and have what my older sister always told me about, a personal friendship with God through Jesus Christ. We were raised to believe in God as children, and brought to different

Protestant denominations of churches and Sunday School, but no one had ever told me about having a personal relationship with God through His son Jesus. I did not understand why anyone would want to be a born again Christian, because I didn’t want to be anything like the crazy TV Christians I would watch occasionally.


  I have always believed in God, but I did not know how to talk to Him or how to get close to Him, and thought that this woman was helping me learn how to do that. Together we counseled, read books and discussed them, including, but not exclusively, the Bible. We also prayed together

a lot, and she would call me at home to check in on me frequently to say she had prayed for me.


     As we continued meeting, she convinced me that I needed to explore my feelings more deeply, and start meditating and praying with her. That began my deeper exploration into the supernatural realm, experimenting with healing crystals, and smoking marijuana to relax our minds. She told me I was ready to go through “a rebirthing,” what she said was a deeper kind of meditation and a type of spiritual cleansing that we could do together for relaxation and healing. This was also the way that I would get to meet my spirit guide, my higher self, and the woman God wanted me to become.


     Our session began as a kind of breathing and emotional cleansing exercise, she prayed and

Laid her hands on me, talking about my “Christ self.” I felt as if a surge of power entered into my body, and I truly thought this was from God, because I felt enlightening in my spirit, and I enjoyed what I was experiencing.


     One day after a very long meditation session with her, I felt like I was being lifted up into another realm. It was almost as if I was floating in the heavens, and that is when she said to me, “Look, here he is!” When I looked up, I saw what I thought was Jesus Himself walking towards me with His arms opened wide, beckoning me to come towards him. I was absolutely thrilled that the Lord Jesus would come to me of all people. This is it, I thought, just what I have been seeking. This “spirit guide” looked similar to what I thought Jesus would look like. He was surrounded by a halo of light; he carried a staff, wore a robe, and had sandals on.  When he came to me, I was actually lifted up by him. He told me that I must forgive my enemies in order to go further with him, and I believed that Jesus Christ was speaking to me!!!


   I left there on a spiritual high, and I rushed to my home to call my sister and tell her I had 

finally met the Lord, and now knew what it meant to be born again. My sister questioned me intensely, and then she said she felt I had been deceived by my friend and led astray. She bluntly stated, “What happened to you is not from the one true God,” and she suggested that I read 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, which says that “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light, and so

it’s no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. 



     Talk about being immediately deflated from my spiritual bubble. What I had considered to be one of the most important events of my life instantly turned into confusion and anger. I told my sister that she had no right to tell me that what I had experienced was not from God. I was actually

thinking to myself that she was a self-righteous hypocrite, and if that was what a born again Christian was, I didn’t want any part of it.


     So my sister challenged me to go somewhere to be alone with just God, and to ask Him to make Himself known to me. She knew Satan and his demons would have to flee and stop confusing me, because she was praying against all the lies that were planted in my mind. She also knew that God is NOT the author of confusion, and I was very confused and angry. She suggested I find a place to be alone outdoors somewhere, so I drove my car down to the lake near my home. As I walked down to the bridge, I raised my voice up towards the sky and said, “I don’t understand how to know you God and I don’t even want to try and believe in you anymore.” Then I sat down and wept until I had no more tears left to cry.


     I sat there for a while and then decided to head back towards my car. As I got closer to where my car was parked, I felt a strong urge to lift my face and look towards the lake. Two bald eagles flying side by side were headed straight for me, and they flew right over my head so close that I could feel the wind from their wings. They soared over me side by side, and then they did a U-turn, and flew back over me one more time, then disappeared around the shoreline of the lake. I was awestruck, and I knew that what just happened had to be from God, because eagles do not purposely go near humans if they can help it.


     Excitedly, I drove home and went down into the basement, and dug my old Sunday school Bible out of a box. I opened it up, and I was in Isaiah chapter 40, so I started reading right there. As I got towards the end of the chapter in verse 31 the words nearly shouted out to me saying, “But they who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.” As I read on, I started to weep, and tell God how sorry I was for being angry and disrespectful towards Him. He instantly breathed His Spirit into me, and it was as if I were a completely different person.  I knew without a doubt, that I had met the real Jesus Christ that day. HE revealed Himself to me in the most personal way possible, by coming into my heart through my invitation alone. It was very simple, yet at the same time so profound. My salvation was an awesome and precious experience that I shall never forget, and will forever cherish.

     The Bible says in the book of Matthew, chapter 7, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.”  This world can lead you astray, people can be very deceitful, the devil works hard to confuse people, and the “new age” religion is very enticing, because you can believe whatever you want to believe, with no absolute truths.

It teaches that everything is God, God is in everything, and that we can be just like God.


     Jesus Christ is the only way to God and He is God! He is completely loving and faithful, and totally in control of everything. God almighty sent those two bald eagles to fly by me that day.  He knew exactly what I would need in order to repent and ask for forgiveness, and surrender my heart to Him. What an awesome God we serve!


     This testimony was just the beginning of my wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ. There is so much more to share because God is faithful to finish the work He has started. I believe that someday, when the time is right, my loved ones will also experience that “wind from heaven,” and soar on wings like eagles. When this comes to pass, all the glory and honor shall belong to Jesus Christ alone, for He alone is worthy to be honored and praised for everything!


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