Psalm 104:24~The Manifold Works of God!


Fog is an atmospheric phenomenon that occurs when water vapor condenses into tiny liquid water droplets suspended in the air. It can look just as if a cloud has descended from the sky and covered over the Earth’s surface. As you can see in my photo, one of the islands in Frenchman’s Bay has been covered by a fog bank that has rolled right over the top of it, causing it to look like a giant pile of white wool or cotton candy! Fog banks, or what the local people refer to as “sea smoke,” can profoundly affect all modes of travel, visibility, sound, and commerce, and can effectively bring it all to a halt. I remember one summer during the Fourth of July; the fireworks became completely invisible to the eye as soon as they entered the fog banks that hovered over the bay that night!
I love how the Psalmist in 104 isn’t just praising God for the beauty of His creation, but also for the wisdom and continuing provision He provides for all of it. It’s obvious that this poet is recasting the entire story of creation from the book of Genesis, and his poetic writing echoes his love and affection throughout the Psalm’s joyful celebration of the world God created. In verse 24, the enthusiasm nearly bursts forth from his mouth as he exclaims, “Oh LORD, how manifold are your works! In wisdom, you have made them all. The earth is full of your wisdom.” If I were to rephrase this, it would go something like this; “Wow Jesus, I am so blown away by you! LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, I am astonished and confounded at the same time. All the ways that you teach me seem to be endless. Your power to maintain everything in perfect working order with no chaos makes me feel so secure! There is so much to learn from the earth that you created for us to live in, and I feel like I could never get enough of it!”
In ancient times it seemed to be easier for people to closely identify with the creation, because they did not have all of the modern day amenities of our so-called “civilized” world. They surely recognized the marvelous works of God’s creation and saw the handiwork of a mighty and omnipotent creator as they lived among the natural world. Observing the ways of animals, rivers, mountains, oceans, birds and insects was a daily part of their lives, and all of us who live in the 21st century have much to learn from the ancient writings and the paths of our ancestors.
I hope that every single person in this world will get to experience the kind of rapturous joy that I felt the day I sat on the side of Cadillac Mountain watching this display of beauty in the bay. It was such a GOD awareness moment, and I know all who were on the mountain were spiritually stirred as they sat and watched this fog bank show from a bird’s eye view! Perhaps we were all experiencing the awe and wonder of God’s creative power as the writer has proclaimed in this Psalm of creation!


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